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Below we're listing some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. Can't find the answer to your question and would like to talk to someone? At BizWell we value the personal contact and we strive to understand your business model and your needs so don't hesitate to give us a call or send us a message using our "Contact us" page.

Email addresses

Yes, you are. But it is important to realize the difference of what is viewed as personal information and what is viewed as company information. It is never allowed to send emails to consumers if the receiver hasn't given your specific company their consent in advance. Contact us if you have questions regarding this and we will do all we can to help guide you correctly.

We have a somewhat unique quality guarantee towards our customers where we promise that at least 90% of the addresses in every order are valid. Often the results are upwards 95-97% but out guarantee applies at 90% and we have set our pricing with this in consideration. In the unlikely event that you would receive more than 10% so called hard bounces in your order we will reimburse you, free of charge, with new data up to the guaranteed limit or we may credit your account for the same value so that you can use these credits for future purchases in case we would be unable to solve new addresses to you.

According to the current GDPR regulations you are not allowed to send unsolicited emails to consumers email addresses under any circumstances unless there is a specific consent from the receiver to your specific company where they have accepted to receive relevant emails from you. We can help you retrieve email addresses to consumers through strategic campaigns there the target audience gives your company their consent. Contact us for more information if this sounds interresting.

General questions

Swedish companies can pay with invoice after a usual credit check. Other payment options are credit/debit cards or through internet bank using Payson's secure connection.