Send letters at great prices

In our ever increasing digital world letters are a very effective way to communicate with your target audience. Our experience and statistics tells us that standard letters has the highest opening frequency when compared to other advertising channels. This is especially true if the letter is outlined correctly. If your goal is to send letters to your customers or prospects as affordable as possible, BizWell has the solution for you. Please note that this offer ONLY applies to letters sent within Sweden!

Our stream lined process gives you as our customer amazing prizes when you want to send letters as cheap as possible.

When did you send a letter to your target audience lately? Print and distribution costs often eats up more of the marketing budget than desired.

After hearing this all too many times from our customers we decided to do something.

The solution that we created is not about flashy flyer or similar but instead we focus on the core need of our customers which is simply to be able to send a physical letter to their target audience at the lowest possible price. The goal is simply to get your message into the hands of the recipient.

This is why we have created a stream lined process that makes it possible for us to be able to send letters to very affordable rates domestically (within Sweden). There are some limitations though. First and foremost it is basic A4 letters (similar to the ones you have in your printer at home) and secondly a certain template has to be followed in order for this to work. You can download the template here. If you’re creating your own design, please leave room for the fields marked “Return to sender” and “Destination address” in your design but leave them empty.

If you need assistance with creating the design we can of course help you with this as well.

The following prices are valid of today for the most basic solution: Black & white print on one side on a A4 paper according to the template. Color costs 0,25 SEK/side, double sided print costs 0,30 SEK/each and additional papers can be added at a price of 0,55 SEK/each but these best prices can be achieved using the most basic option:

1000 – 5000 st = 5,50 SEK/each
5000 – 10 000st = 5,25 SEK/each
10 000 – 50 000st = 5,00 SEK/each

These prices are mentioned excluding 25% VAT and INCLUDE postage. These prices only apply if you also buy your address register from us at BizWell. We can offer both B2B and B2C data and we would love to help you with your selections so that we can find the perfect target audience for you and get you the best result for each penny spent.



We extract addresses to your target audience with extreme precision according to your requests. Of course the addresses are verified and fresh which is vital to avoid costly mismailings.


Letter design

The letter must be designed according to a specific template in order for this to work. You can either provide us with your ready made PDF or you can hire us to create the letter design for you.


Campaign creation

We will not insert all the recipient addresses as well as your letter design into our system which makes it possible to print, insert into envelopes, sort and put postage on each letter.



Deliver is done via Swedish post earliest 3 days after that we have activated the order to be processed. It usually takes a couple of days for the post service to deliver all the letters. Of course we can schedule your order at a future date of your choice if preferred.


Lean back and relax

We do the whole job. You don't have to handle addresses, contact with post or similar. We take care of everything for you from start to finish and make sure that your target audience receive your message. It doesn't get easier or cheaper than this to send letter.

Take advantage of our industry leading databases

We do addressing of your letters at very affordable prices compared if you would buy the address register. BizWell also prevents the mismailings that are often caused by poorly updated and non-verified addresses since our addresses are fresh and updated the same day you place your order with us.

Why should you use BizWell to send letters?

  • Worldwide reach, unbeatable local data
  • GDPR compliant: business data you can trust
  • Delivery within 24 hours (Please add 3-4 days delivery by postal services)
  • Our customers rate us 5.0 out of 5.0 on Google