Increase your effectiveness in times of social distancing

In hopes to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, numbers are self distancing or self isolating. COVID-19 has a major effect on sales and may cause a marketing decrease, it is a cause for concern for a number of companies who wish to build a relationship with a potential client or customer. The light in this situation is that this results in people focusing and moving to an online space, traffic and interaction is building as more and more people self isolate. This can be seen as an opportunity to boost the impact of digital marketing in order to expand your database and build new relationships.


How to increase brand recognition at these times?

Email marketing and other digital marketing techniques have a range of useful benefits. Email marketing builds the reliability of communication that interlinks your brand with your customers. Due to the increase of potential customers staying inside their homes, this has also led to the increase in traffic online. Customers are more likely to notice your increased efforts of communication by receiving these emails in real time which also increases the viewers chances to take more of an interest. This could be dependent on the content of the emails therefore a beneficial technique might be to personalise your content to a band of customers that share a particular need or interest. This will increase your chances of pulling your potential clients into the content and engaging more of their attention. Thus, leading to better brand recognition. This is a time to get your brand noticed and valued by a wide range of people.


Social media is taking over, but is it always the best way?

It is extremely common, due to the increase of traffic online, for people to fill up their time by flicking through social media sites. It has now evolved to integrate itself into our society therefore you can utilise this by taking elements of your brand not only online but to social media. This is a way to also capture potential customers through the chance they come across your page or your promotions via the site. Social media allows your target audience to feel closer to you and your services as they will continue to recognise your content.


There are many ways you can effectively generate leads. One way that proves to be rather effective is by providing written content and allowing it to reach your audience in the right way. Therefore, tieing articles and blogs to your landing page will boost the potential of generating leads due to the growing interest you will create. The consumer is more likely to look for ways to bide their time and escape from this reality that we are currently living in, written content is this form of escapism. As mentioned, building this relationship between business and consumer is important, you are more likely to engage a wider audience if you look out for their needs. Bloggers are 13 times more likely to have a positive ROI and this applies to businesses too, according to the Entrepreneur.


These times are proving very difficult for people and businesses however, taking the right approach can allow us to see the positives out of a negative situation. The key is to move all means of communication online, as that is where people are going to the most, to widen your audience.


We at Bizwell hope we have enlightened you with effective ways to keep your business or organisation booming at these times. Our services, based on several data points, can help you widen and target the right audience to boost sales. We would be more than happy to speak with you about any matters discussed. Contact us to boost your business today.