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Use your email data effectively

Poor performance of your Email Marketing Plan can be frustrating. With the amount of time and money spent on such campaigns, you hope to see positive results and expect considerable ROI’s to follow once you put these plans into action. Poor email marketing leads to a number of challenges that comp...
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Win in business by keeping your database clean

With business today dominated by the digital world, data is one of the most important assets any organization possesses. Whatever the product range or services an organization offers, data that relates to suppliers, customers, sales, marketing and so on is central to any strategy development or othe...
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THE TRUTH ABOUT EMAIL MARKETING AND GDPR. IS EMAIL MARKETING DEAD NOW? INTRODUCTION: A lot of customers has asked us the question “Can I still buy email lists considering GDPR?” and also quite a few business owners on the receiving end of the email has contacted us with a somewhat wrong understa...
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